Conference in Athens (Greece) – II

2nd part: The organization of a conference in 21st of October 2016 at Thiva (at a cereal cultivation area), in which project outline presented to a wide range of target groups supporting public awareness about our project aims, as well as the preliminary results of the survey investigating logistics management competencies and skills of young farmers. During the conference there was an information session in order to inform participants about the potential of green logistics tools and their future applications. This event is organized with the participation of local administration, rice/cereal cooperatives, and producer associations.

There is a respective communication sponsorship from agrocapital web site (see relevant link

The respective programme of the 2nd conference was as follows:

  • Green logistics e-training Project’s scope (Prof. P. Trivellas, TEI of Sterea Ellada)

  • Agro-logistics (Prof. P. Reklitis, TEI of Sterea Ellada)

  • Recent trends in agro-logistics – Green practices (Assistant Prof. G. Malindretos, Harokopeio University)

  • Perspective developments in agro-logistics (Assistant Prof. D. Aidonis, TEI of Central Macedonia)

  • Agrofood: Future prospects of Cereals sector (S. Grigoratos, President of SEEDYZ)

  • Preliminary results of mapping the cereals and pulses sector (E. Kontou, EIEO)

  • New technologies – Precision agriculture – Using drones in agriculture (A. Perdikaris, FARMEYE, EIEO)

  • Preliminary results of a survey on young farmers’ training needs in logistics (Prof. P. Trivellas, TEI of Sterea Ellada)

  • Documentary – A journey from crop to fork! (Th. Ginis, ΕΙΕΟ)

  • Logistics: Storage and handling (cargo-transport) of agricultural and other products during Mycenaean Empire Era (14th-13th century B.C.), (Dr A. Harami, Head of local Archeological department of Viotia, Ministry of Sport & Culture).

  • Food contact materials: A developmental tool in agriculture products processing. (Dr A.N. Katerelos, Head of Public Relations Department, at the Education-Public Relations-Information Technology Section, Hellenic Food Authority, EFET)

  • Networking & development of agro-living Lab in a wider web of distributed production at the local & international level (S. Mavromati, Researcher Urban Innovation Ecosystems & Fab Lab Athens, Urban Environment Lab, School of Architecture, NTUA)

participated via web-conferencing

  • Education in agro-food & supply chain (Assistant prof. P. Karanikolas, Agriculture University of Athens)

  • Good practices in the supply chain of cereals (A. Mpouchlas, Dimitriaki S.A.)

  • Presentation of FARMERS’ UNION (Ilias Chatzidouros, Farmers’ Union Representative).

The presentations of the aforementioned 2nd conference speakers are uploaded at the project’s site.